News Item: TBM goes Global!
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Posted by .#Tbm.Sonic
Sunday 07 July 2013 - 21:42:04

Yes, you read it well, TBM will move to Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

After serious talks (yes, we can be serious sometimes) we considered moving to CS:GO because SOF2 is nearly dead. Since our server went down (2k3servers pulled the plug out of the company) we didn't feel like looking out for a new hosting company, etc.. for a SOF2 V1.00 version full of cheaters, hackers and more of that kind.

If you feel like joining us, sign up to the website, and apply into the forums. The cost of this game is for most people €13, which is a fair price for a game like this.


For more information, klick -here-

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